Make the Most of Your AdWords Campaign

If AdWords forms part of your marketing plans it’s worth doing all you can to optimise campaigns and make the most of every click.


How to Make Sure Your Content is Remembered

Within two hours of waking we encounter approximately 350 pieces of content in its various forms


The Implications of a Brand Aquisition

There is no set precedent for dealing with a brand strategy after an acquisition, common sense needs to be the main driver


Who is it that Actually Owns the Brand?

When you have worked hard with your agency and internally to create or promote your brand, it can be tempting when things are going well


What B2B Marketing Can Learn From B2C

B2B brands need to emulate their B2C counterparts and demonstrate their personality and excitement for their products and services and be really creative


How to make sure your website is actually read!

It's a sobering thought, but on average a visitor to your website will only read 20% of the content on any one of your pages!


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